We are grounded in Edmonton. From local farms to your table, every plate we serve leaves a positive impact on our community. By sourcing from local growers, we reinvest more than $750,000 into Edmonton’s economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated from food production and transportation.

In 2019, 45% of our culinary team’s purchases were made through partnerships with local producers and growers within 100 miles of Edmonton. We work in collaboration with local partners so that when we’re responsible, events can leave a positive impact on the place we call home.

Taste the difference our local connection makes with our 2020 menu selection.

Responsible Events at the Edmonton Convention Centre

To take hosting sustainable events one step further, the Edmonton Convention Centre launched its Responsible Events Program in 2019.  We believe that together, we can make the events industry a sustainable industry.

Learn more about hosting a sustainable event at the Edmonton Convention Centre below.

Waste Management

In 2019, we successfully composted 122,581 kgs of waste. Our compost is used as fertilizer to farm Alberta fields.

When we’re responsible, Alberta sprouts.

Honey Bees

Diversifying our city’s permaculture design, our urban beehive produced over 20 pounds of honey in 2019 for our kitchen.

When we’re responsible, Edmonton buzzes.

Carbon Offsetting

To offset an event’s carbon footprint, we will match our client’s carbon offsetting contribution up to 20 tonnes of C02.

When we’re responsible, events make their impact.

Second Helping Program

In 2019 we donated 4,240 meals to the Edmonton Food Bank through the Second Helping Program.

When we’re responsible, Edmontonians are nourished.

Urban Permaculture

The plants inside our atrium convert over 4,000 tonnes of C02 every year.

When we’re responsible, Edmonton breathes easier.

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*We are proud to continue working with all our local producers and growers, including Erdmann’s Gardens, who are featured and were instrumental in our video production.