October 29, 2019

Future of Leadership Summit Conference

Event Details

Join us on October 29  for the 4th Industrial Revolution at the Edmonton Convention Centre for the Future of Leadership Summit.

The Future of Leadership Summit is your golden ticket to mastering the new leadership skills required for the 4th Industrial Revolution driven by extreme automation, artificial intelligent and robotics.

Some of the lessons you’ll be able to take away from this years Future of Leadership Summit include:

-Discover what top business leaders are doing today to take advantage of automation, A.I, and robotics to skyrocket their profit without laying off their employees

-Explore a proven four-step strategy to turn your disengaged workforce into a unified high-preforming team, resulting in increased profit, customer satisfaction, and retention

-Pick up on the 5 key sifts ultra-successful leaders are making today to embrace the power of digital disruption, without becoming a victim of the same change

-Learn how you can use the UGLY ADVANTAGE this year to truly connect with your employees and build high-performing teams

-Explore the friction between traditional and innovative leadership, and what you can do today to create a culture of entrepreneurship that shifts organizations to value creators for all their stakeholders

-Lastly, discover what the future corporation might look like in the age of artificial intelligence, including the challenges (i.e large-scale job loss) and opportunities that lie ahead

For more information on keynote speakers and more, visit their website here.

Event Details

Dates and Times:
Tuesday, October 29: 8 a.m– 5 p.m.

VIP Pass: $899.00 + $25 processing fee
Premier Pass: $699.00 + $25 processing fee
Regular Pass: $499.00+ $25 processing fee

For more information on ticketing, please visit their website here.