December 14, 2020

5 Ways to Celebrate Sustainably

Your connection to celebrate sustainability this season.

The Edmonton Convention Centre’s long-standing culture of environmental, economic and social sustainability has allowed us to celebrate sustainably for 37 years. Sustainability is the best gift you can give–and if a building of our size can reduce our environmental footprint, so can you! Trim down on holiday excess (and your footprint) with our eco-friendly guide to sustainable gifting. With the holiday season arriving, we encourage everyone to have safe, healthy and sustainable celebration as you gather (with your households) around the tree. Whether you are looking for a unique gift or a way to reduce waste and support local this season, consider giving a gift that will give back.

Give a gift that creates a positive legacy in our community.

  1. Visit Re-plenish, a zero-waste, locally owned and operated health-focused marketplace that strives to provide knowledge and education while building relationships within our community. Earth’s General Store is Edmonton’s original refillery and offers to partner with you on your waste reduction journey. They house information and products that help customers reduce their ecological and social impact, encouraging the community to consume less, but also locally and ethically.


  1. The Goodwill Impact Centre is the perfect stop for the DIYer, bargainista or upcycler in your life. The incredible work of the Goodwill Impact Centre focuses on sustainability by upcycling and selling candles, modifying old bicycles for individuals who have disabilities and producing towels and cloths from recycled textiles.


  1. Purchase Edmonton-made artwork from a local artist for the art-lover in your life. Each year, we transform our venue into a community canvas in support of our Community Art Program where local art work is featured on our venue walls. Support one of our city’s talented artists this holiday season by purchasing a unique Edmonton-inspired and curated gift.

  1. Support local this season. Gift the culinary lover in your life with local flavours to satisfy their tastebuds. Explore Edmonton’s diverse culinary landscape and experience the flavours that are curated closest to home. When you support local this season, you give back to the community of locally owned businesses who farm our fields and fill our cupboards with local ingredients. Supporting local food businesses is an important and actionable step that shortens the travel time it takes for ingredients to arrive from the farm to your table.

  1. Skip the packaging, but not the presentation. Minimize the amount of waste generated by gifting when you get crafty and make the gift wrap a part of your present.
  • Spend an afternoon learning how to make home-made re-useable beeswax wraps.
  • Create a beautiful presentation with a fabric knot-wrapped present using a scarf, blanket, tea towel, or re-usable tote.
  • Upcycle magazines, newspaper or musical sheet notes as a gift wrap alternative.
  • Turn last year’s holiday cards into this year’s “to” and “from” labels.

This holiday season consider giving gifts that reduce your environmental footprint and create positive change in our community. Celebrating sustainably is a small step that makes a BIG difference as we lighten our impact on the planet. From our family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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