December 17, 2018

We are the Edmonton Convention Centre

Edmonton Economic Development Corporation is pleased to announce that after 21 years as the Shaw Conference Centre, the venue will be renamed the Edmonton Convention Centre as of January 1, 2019.

As a community asset, we’ve grown alongside our rapidly evolving city. We collaborate with our community of builders and innovators to showcase the Edmonton experience to the world. After 35 years, our downtown convention centre has built a reputation as a gathering place to connect in the heart of Edmonton.

We are a venue for Edmonton, a venue for Edmontonians. We are Edmonton’s convention centrean integral piece of Edmonton’s fabric that has grown with the city and its people.

Guests can expect our team to continue to put people first with a commitment to safety, sustainability, remarkable experiences, operational expertise and culinary excellence….

…just more Edmonton.

To learn more, visit the official news release.


Did you know?

  • Between 1983 to 2000, approximately 13,940 events were held at the SCC bringing 7,021,000 attendees. Today we host nearly 650 events and 500,000 guests annually.
  • The Shaw Conference Centre was one of the largest soil and rock excavations ever undertaken in the world to accommodate a building. Over 3.5 million cubic square-feet of earth was excavated during construction, totalling 12,000 1-ton truckloads of earth.
  • Our culinary and service teams are capable of serving 6,000 guests at one event!
  • Grierson Hill was selected as the preferred location for our facility. It was chosen because the site had good transportation links, proximity to hotels, available land and aesthetic appeal.
  • ‘N Sync performed in our venue in 1998 – a blast from the past!
  • During a dinner, a server may walk 36 km while carrying 35 lbs of food per course, totaling 1,800 lbs per function!
  • The design of our facility began with research travelling to existing centres across Canada and included consultations with ethnocultural to meet the needs of a cultural facility.
  • In a month, our team can use 600 lbs of chocolate, 6,000 eggs and 400 litres of cream.
  • During the 2018 Grey Cup Festival, our team prepared 6,600 hot dogs and 7,000 slices of pizza for the festival events!
  • Our atrium is covered by 16 tonnes (32,000 lbs) of glass. The vertical glazing is clear to provide maximum visibility of the River Valley and landscape!
  • At the time of construction in 1983, our inclined funicular elevator, based from Swiss design, was the only one in North America to operate indoors.



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