June 28, 2019

How To: Make Your Next Event More Sustainable & Profitable

In today’s rapidly evolving market, consumers support businesses which prioritize environmental sustainability and work to reduce their footprint. In partnership with Do Better Marketing, founder David Betke shared his expertise to change the way you experience your next event. Let’s do better together!

Consumers want to support responsible brands. The results are in and more than ever, it’s evident we need to prioritize innovative solutions which enhance the way we consume and experience events.

  • 2 out of 3 consumers would switch brands to support a good cause.
  • 6 out of 10 have bought a product to support a cause regardless of price.
  • 86% of global consumers want companies to put society’s needs on the same level as their business needs.
  • 3 out of 4 consumers believe corporations should create economic value for society by addressing its needs.

Mass marketing and events generate waste. From printing materials to gathering large volumes of people in central areas, both marketing and events industries are notorious for the waste generated. They have a significant impact on our environment.

  • The average overall waste generated per venue is an 1115 tonnes.
  • 100 million trees are made into junk mail.
  • In North America, enough wood and paper are wasted which would heat five million homes for 200 years.
  • 6 billion single-use pens are thrown away.
  • Only 2% of 100 billion wasted plastic bags are recycled in North America.

How can you go green?

  1. Streamline your message and audience to save time, money and resources (leverage technology to deliver your message).
  2. If you must print, use green-friendly alternatives like FSC certified paper.
  3. Request paper made from post-consumer recycled products, or choose hemp, bamboo, crushed stone or even elephant dung paper (yes, it exists)
  4. Transition to a paperless event. Technologies like Green Texts reduce your event printing costs up to 75% so guests can download, capture and self-segment.
  5. Eliminate lanyard waste with badge holders and inserted sponsor cards, or request a lanyard library from your venue (just ask us here at ECC)!
  6. Choose recycled, re-purposed or organic materials
  • Journals made entirely from apples.
  • David’s bag manufacturer repurposes banners and billboards into backpacks.
  • Choose re-purposed displayed materials from booths, pop-ups, or table covers made from recycled plastic bottles (make sure to re-use them).
  1. Print a call-to-action on your product and encourage your audience to participate – measure the engagements and adjust your plan based on results.

If you plan better, you waste less and get better results. The choices we make can make a difference!

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