June 27, 2019

2019 pARTnership Galley Unveiled

While we may be a venue located in the heart of the city, we really exist as a canvas for Edmontonians. Community art is an important aspect of our identity which highlights the creatives of an entire city. From creating the artwork to admiring or purchasing it, everyone has the chance to interact with the artistic experience, each walking away with their individual interpretation. That’s the power of art—it unites people in an inexplainable way which requires few words.

On June 11, 2019, we welcomed 99 talented local student artists to have their work exhibited in our venue over the next year. Launched in 2010, our pARTnership Gallery promotes excellence in the arts through public art, student growth and community engagement. In its tenth year, more than 500 students have had their work displayed at the Edmonton Convention Centre. As the premier and largest partnership gallery of its kind in Edmonton, the program is a collaboration between Edmonton Public School District, Edmonton Catholic School District and our convention centre.

“We’re inspired by the quality and depth of artwork in this program. Each year our pARTnership Gallery expands beyond what we could have ever anticipated,” said Amber McWhinnie, Director of Guest Experience and Security, Edmonton Convention Centre. “We get to share an incredible moment with the students when they see their story on our walls for the first time.”

To celebrate the occasion, the students and their families unveiled this year’s artwork at an evening reception at our venue. The pARTnership Gallery highlights the importance of art in the education journey as it fosters curiosity and expression within students. Displaying local student art brings our walls to life and we are proud to support Edmonton’s art community in a way which is meaningful to so many emerging artists.

A lover of art class, Aina Najib, a Grade 6 student explains,

“The colours, different styles and shades of blue were fun to paint. I love working with watercolours. I hope lots of people will stop to visit our art.”

Inspired to capture a cohesive aesthetic and collection of blended items, Grade 12 student Cassidy Girard says,

“This is the first time my art has been professionally displayed. It was exciting to see it framed and hung in the Edmonton Convention Centre.”

Every brushstroke and each piece of art tells its own story through the eyes of Edmonton’s young and creative artists—they are our next generation of innovators. Our venue is a platform where students receive opportunities to share their ideas, beliefs and thoughts with Edmontonians and visitors from all walks of life. It creates an impact which resonates with many and is admired by 500,000 guests each year in our high-traffic area.

“My art was inspired by a self-portrait assignment,” says Grade 10 student Alex McLeod. “It’s an amazing experience to have my work displayed for so many people to see my self-portrait.”

The next time you pass through, roam through our Pedway Level to view this incredible selection of artwork.


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